The Refract
The Refract
Bending minds to better the world.

Let's get out of our echo chambers.
a different angle can complete the story.
so let's bend the mind + better the world.



verb  re·fract \ri-ˈfrakt\the bending of a ray when it passes at an angle from one medium into another


but first, MY STORY.

I just heard back from the radiologist. I’m sorry, Stephanie, it doesn’t look promising.”
— dr. dames

So, I have cancer. I learned this the same week of December 2016 I was supposed to start launching The Refract as a storytelling site help people understand different perspectives.  To help connect people. Well now, this platform that I built to tell other people's stories will be where I share mine first. 


Bending the mind to better the world.



It's tough to escape the echo chambers we've built in our microcosms. Access to real people with real perspectives, no extremes: honest representation of humans who may stand on the opposite side of the spectrum. Our stories get you to a much different feeling - an ability to connect to someone/thing you didn’t think you could ever feel.

You feel empathy and understanding.

You feel challenged but in a safe space.









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