How I got here.

Here's a timeline of this week.

MONDAY: Go to doctor's office in the late afternoon after experiencing a swollen face/jaw/neck for 7-10 days + other symptoms. It's all great until she feels a lump.

TUESDAY: Chest x-rayed in the morning. Doc calls and says there's a concerning mass/growth. Get chest CT scan in the afternoon. Three hours later, Doc calls and says the C-word. Go to the hospital emergency department because one of multiple masses is pressing up against an important large vein that carries blood into the heart. 24 hours in the ED because the hospital is packed. 

WEDNESDAY: Another CT scan and a PET scan to figure out what these masses are. I also get a camera shoved down my nose into my throat to make sure one of them isn't screwing up my voice box and other important parts around the area! Finally get moved into an actual hospital room at 10:30pm.

THURSDAY: Have another CT scan performed, this time on my neck. The reason for this is so the surgeons who are performing a biopsy will know exactly what they're dealing with. 

Aaaaand that's what I'm waiting for now. The biopsy was supposed to happen earlier but it was delayed till later tonight. This waiting game is a killer.  I'll be going under because they need to take out an entire lymph node (not one of the main masses they're concerned about) so they can really study what I'm up against. 

Here's a quick "audio blog" of what's going through my head:

Thankfully, there's always a silver lining. The outpouring of support from those closest to me has been amazing, My parents, sister and fiance have been the most supportive, loving people I could ever hope for. They're taking turns staying by my side to make sure I never feel alone. They're researching. Cracking jokes. Telling stories...

Like the one my dad just told of how someone he knows fought and beat cancer, only to grow back the finest, jet-black baby hair. "He looks so fresh and young!" says my dad. My mom insists it's true. I think this is supposed to make me feel much better about the likely prospect that I will lose my hair during chemo. I love them for this.  

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. Now I have to rest before the biopsy. Can't wait till we have more answers.