It's Non-Hodgkins.

Man. This cancer stuff is tough. BTW I've decided not to say C-word. I feel like that gives it power so I'm just going to call it out for the asshole that it is. 

Two docs just came by. New ones. They're from Hematology/Oncology if I'm not mistaken. Oh, just looked it up haha. Here's the main dude.

They told me that from the biopsy it actually looks like Non-Hodgkins not Hodgkins. My heart sank. Everything I've heard so far is that H is better than NH. But of course, when the docs say I likely have NH, they reassure me that it's going to be "fine." I know they're just doing their jobs - how are you supposed to talk to someone who has just learned she has cancer? I would be a wreck. 

I appreciate that they came to just give me the update because having more 411 is better in any case. I feel I can ready myself. I'll have to undergo a bone marrow biopsy Monday morning to see if the cancer has spread there. After Googling the procedure, I'm not sure if it's an aspiration or biopsy. Either way, for a girl who gets as unsettled by pokes, jabs and needles as me... this will suck. 

It's little beans compared to what I learned about what kind of chemo may be coming my way. So for now... I need to process... and will leave you with a more light-hearted Snapchat I recorded a couple days ago. Send positive vibes if you have any to spare :).


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