Keep it movin!

WARNING: This post contains graphic images of how to have fun in a hospital.

Ever wondered what it was like to be transported through the hospital halls on a gurney?

No, probably not. But here's a nice shaky video of that anyway :D.

This was on the way to my biopsy a couple nights ago. It's not the most exciting ride but movement is critical. It's really easy to slip up and just stay lying in bed. I get lost in my own thoughts and I build this false sense of strength about my situation. I say false because as soon as I see or experience some sort of semblance of life (a visiting friend or family member, a look at the cars going around the area, etc.), I'm snapped back to my reality that I have something I still don't fully understand. Something that's attacking me and trying to bring me down. 

So... it's important that I move around. 

And this is where, ladies and gents, The Chuang Family absolutely rocks it.

It was the best set of quasi-lunges I'd ever attempted.

My parents weren't done showing me (and my sister) how to do things right.



And then some gal pals came over and it was GAME ON. 
Select Spotify dance tunes.
Here come the best 15 seconds of exercise of my life (today).

Stephanie Chuang