Happy Holidays!

1st up: THANK YOU TO ALL YOU BLOG SUBSCRIBERS! I know that after the initial shock of the cancer announcement and the decision to start a blog, people's lives would just continue to move forward (as mine is) but with less interest in this particular chapter of my story. I'm okay with that, truthfully, but hopefully me jotting all this down is helping at least a few other people besides me haha.  To be frank I'm still trying to figure out what exactly the voice of this blog is. What should I focus on other than what can feel like tedious updates? Fingers crossed I'll figure it out soon enough. I don't edit these entries (though I really should) but sometimes I'll find myself deleting something I'd normally say...thinking... that may be just too much for this crowd.

2nd on: THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR VOTES ON THE HAIRSTYLE! I'm guessing a cool-colored mohawk wins but I have to tally up from mostly Facebook and text messages. I know I am going through with experimental looks but I'm not sure when. This has to do with my wedding plans... but I'll get into that when I know more, myself. Stay tuned on the rocked-out-locks!

All right - update time. What a fulfilling weekend. I needed to just have the immediate family with me. This week, I kick off my journey of preserving fertility options! I learn a lot Tuesday. I just know that this will be its own adventure with ups and downs, but I feel privileged to even have the chance to try it.

[NOTE: anyone at all who has any questions about the process, please don't hesitate to write me. I'll be as open and honest as I can be.]

As for this weekend: The holidays have always been my favorite time of the year. Absolute favorite. I dated someone once who hated Christmas and loved Halloween, but  not for the candy: he loved the apocalyptic vibe of 10/31. I just couldn't relate! COME ON! The lights! Decorations! Classic jingles! Most of all...the gathering of family and close friends.

Close friends who...by the way... gifted my entire family these awesome jackets! We are now officially a "crew." ;D

I've always felt incredibly blessed for all the wonderful people I have in my life. This year - this season - I feel it even more. I even decided to log onto Snapchat and Benjamin Button my way back to being a baby in Santa gear. (WARNING: it's really weird.)

Three awesome days of food at Chez Chuang = Satisfied Steph. A real tree. Decorated simply but beautifully. Gifts abound. And then the visits came! 



It was so great to see my cousins, Julia, Emily and her husband, Carl. They brought by gifts from their cute kiddies (Kayla, Kyle + Kayden!). We talked about Bay Area sports (this is before the frustrating Warriors' loss to The-Team-That-Must-Not-Be-Named on Christmas Day) and state of affairs. Such a good time.

BUT. The laughs started rolling in after my gfs came over and I opened my first of many gifts from the coolest sissy every (Christina). A gift... a game... a guaranteed good time called "Telestrations."

It's basically the game of Telephone but through drawings. Players each get a word, they draw it, pass it on to the next person who guesses what it is, the next person then draws whatever the previous person had written...till it gets back to the original artist. Check below for the hilarity.  (I fully realize it may be lost in translation here.)

EXHIBIT A: Albert wants vindication.

EXHIBIT B: Tim's art...

Such good times :]. I can't wait to host board game nights!!!!!!
And of course so good to see my friends AND cutie sons. Below are Grant and Carter. Heartbreakers in the making, amirite?!





I even got to see big boy Carter! That smile :]. 

After another wonderful family dinner Chez Chuang, I decided I was craving movie popcorn and an ICEE...but not exactly the crowds. Cue my sister and fiance volunteering to drive to the theater to grab that and come back! My family decided to rent the latest Bourne movie (what is it...like the 17th one?!). It was AWESOME. (The family time in, not the movie.)

Do you want to know what love is?
I learned it when I got my lunch delivery today courtesy of the best sister ever...

I had been craving it all weekend but IN-N-OUT was closed. Christina made sure to get me some today. LIFESAVER.

And then my dad had the best idea ever for dinner before Tim and I headed off to SF: REDEEM THE TEPPANYAKI EXPERIENCE! We had been denied our Benihana glory a few days ago. We would not be defeated again. This time's destination: Nijo Castle in Fremont! This is an establishment we have frequented for more than 20 years haha! We did it! 

Ok, so this was a bit of a rambling catch-up post, but my point is that my spirits are really high right now. I feel so good. Not just saying that to try and believe it more (which is a technique I tried when I first learned about the cancer). I sincerely feel good. In fact, my next couple of updates will be more focused on what I have learned in just this short amount of time. I can't wait to share! To cap this post off.... here's me making fun of a certain someone. HINT: my sister gave Tim an awesome present...the entire Harry Potter book collection! This was the upshot all weekend.

Good day and talk soon!

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