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Staycation time.

We had just gotten home from a consultation with a UCSF nurse on what the next two weeks will look like. Tim turns to me and says, "OK baby, since we don't have to be back till Friday, why don't I plan a little getaway?" This was, of course, the  most rhetorical of questions. We decided not to go too far (Big Sur or Bolinas), packed up stuff and headed to Half Moon Bay. First stop: dinner at a place called "Chez Shea" that features Mexican, Indian AND Thai fare. When we got to the hotel, Tim suggested ordering the "Smores Box" and heading to the fire pits outside.

It was so beautiful. Walking outside to the slight sting of the chilly, crisp air, the first thing I sensed wasn't actually the temperature - it was the lights from the 15-foot Christmas tree in the courtyard and the dancing flames from the four or five fire pits. They were all taken so we decided to go to the fire pit with the biggest flames ;) and planted ourselves there for the night. 

Then we ordered a second meal of course... but all off the kids menu because we all know that's where the best stuff is (grilled cheese hello yes yum).

Being present.

I love that Tim and I can talk for so long about everything and anything. I know I have my best friend next to me for the rest of my life and being so PRESENT together felt so fulfilling. I think so often we are obsessed with what's going on in other people's lives via social media that we forget to live in our own moments. I can't tell you how many times I've picked up my phone without even realizing that I'm clicking away on Instagram or Facebook. Letting go of all that for big chunks of time is so freeing and I love love love it. This is what life is all about: recognizing whatever moment you're in and relishing it. Basking in it. Maybe struggling through it. Life, baby.

Aaaaand this is what I woke up to this morning:



We went to eat in the hotel and guess what was on TV? NORTHWESTERN BOWL GAME (New Era Pinstripe - holla!). Thankfully, the Wildcats pulled out the win/upset against PITT :D.  Then we headed outside to get my baby some Vitamin D.

Then we decided to try out our hand in creepy-golfer-stalking-broadcasting. Check it:

Lol. It was fun for 20 minutes! The next 20 minutes were pretty awesome, as well. 



My life = different, not theirs.

I think I'm craving some nice alone time with Tim in SF at home before he has to go back to work in 2017. I keep forgetting he's been off and that it'll be quite different once he returns to his normal life. Maybe that's when it'll hit me that it's just my life that's really different. I think that will be a pretty tough pill to swallow. 

I was so distracted by my "loss of identity" when I decided to slash my work at NBC from full-time to part-time. I had difficulty dealing with a lack of "focus" in terms of how I was spending my time. I was just getting The Refract up when the whole "You have cancer" thing transpired so now it's back to figuring out that focus of mine while juggling the IVF, chemo, etc. 

Thankfully, my family is going to keep my company during a lot of the days when Tim's at work. I will have to also figure out my own schedule but I am thinking I'll need to undergo Chemo Round 1 to at least see how I'm impacted physically and mentally.

OK - time to watch Harry Potter + the Sorcerer's Stone! Tim's excited to see the movie after actually reading the book haha. Coming soon... my first video log :). Good night!

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