New hashtag alert. People started calling me "Spicy Girl" after my 2nd blog post describing my post-op delirium. I was freshly back to my hospital room, wheeled in from the operating room. As nurses came to help me back into bed, I declared, "This girl's coming back the way she left... spicy!!!" 

Oh, yes. Now every one of my video logs now will be so named. #spicygirl

I've decided to just start talking by kicking off the VLOG. No idea what I wanted to say, just that I wanted to say something. Et voila.

Looking at the video screenshot makes me feel prematurely wistful. I know I'm going to miss that hair! Hair that I had cursed every few days because it sheds so easily onto the bathroom floor, forcing me to have to clean over and over again. Soon enough, I'll be missing that chore. 

Ya want what you can't have, am I right?

Now...if you have the best people in your life, sometimes you can have your cake and eat it, too. The lovely, intrepid, strong, spunky Janelle Wang came to visit me in SF today (thank you to her baby girl, Hailey, for letting me borrow her mama!). It was some much needed girl-time. Being able to sit down with people and shoot REAL shit, not just the how-are-you-i'm-good-and-you is so fulfilling. I was looking forward to more of it but it wasn't meant to be today. I was supposed to have another friend over after but I felt winded after... and that's what sucks so much. I have so much fun...time is flying...but then as soon as there's some break, I feel the impacts. 



Speaking of love. My parents are never ever ever leaving me alone - and I mean that in the best way possible ;p. While Tim and I were on our staycation, Mom and Dad dropped off a bunch of things... and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. We opened our fridge drawer.... lo and behold... VEGGIE HEAVEN. Organic, fresh produce from wall to wall.  

122816 Stuffed animals.jpg

Then the top drawer had a big, shiny pot of the best thing to cure any pain: mom's chicken soup. Ginger. Mushroom. Carrot. Potato. Whole free-range chicken. And all the love in the world.

And if I wasn't clearly THE MOST SPOILED SPICY GIRL IN THE WORLD ALREADY... this would clinch the title for sure: Tim cooking me chicken stew after running to the store to buy fresh groceries. He topped it off with the most perfect egg.


OK, time for the 3rd Harry Potter film with the boy ;). In the meantime...while soaking in our tub last night, I discovered something pretty cool. 

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